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Nurse with Patient


Access to help with the push of a button

No Landline, LTE wireless connectivity


Fall Detection Pendent

Wireless pendant with built in fall detection,When a fall is detected, The Essence will automatically contact our monitoring center. When you need help,

24 Hour Monitoring

Voice Panic Detector

This device connects wirelessly with The Essence home base.To  activate an alarm speak “Call 911” twice or use the available emergency call button, or pull cord.
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Work Safety Program

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Device Features


When wearing the SoloProtect ID, your associates can have peace of mind knowing even if they are alone, they are protected. An ID badge, and a central station in one!


• Discreet Audio Transmission
• Two-way Voice calling
• Incapacitation Detection
• Timed Check-in Option
• Chaperone Mode