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Access Control 


When you install a smart lock in your home, you can access your lock from anywhere. Never worry about forgetting to lock your door again, you can lock and unlock on the go!

Create a personal code to enter your home with a few pushes of a button.No more losing keys.  No more hiding keys!

Connect and control your locks from anywhere. By using your smart phone or tablet, you can receive notifications and monitor people going in and out of your home.

Commercial Access Control Systems

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Many companies are choosing Deal's Electronics to install their commercial access control systems in facilities. Commercial access control systems provide a restricted/ authorized entry into places such as parking areas, buildings or rooms. This type of system can also be paired with a CCTV surveillance system.Whether you require to know about dangerous intruders or your employees’ locations, we provide a broad range of options when it comes to access control and security. 

We install and support access control technologies to protect your business. 

  •  Badge Access

  •  Keypads

  •  Gate Locks and Entry Systems

  •  Door Locks and Entry Systems

  •  Key Cards and Fobs

  •  Electric Locks

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