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Modern Wooden House

Make your home a smart home! Be connected and save money by adding energy saving solutions to your home or office. With one simple push of a button, you can dim the lights or control your thermostat. You options for making your home as energy efficient are endless! 


Turn lights on/off from your smartphone!

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Control Thermostats

One easy to use App gives you the power to have total control of your home. 

Staying connected means that even when you are not physically home, you still have the power to control locks, lights, thermostats and much more. 

Alexa, ask to turn the thermostat to 70.
Alexa, ask to turn lock the house.
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Be Connected

Be Secure

Be in Control

Control your security, lights, locks and thermostats for serious automation and control.

Controlling and monitoring your smart home garage door can add serious security to your home. 

Staying connected to your home will give you the ability to know whether the door is open and get a notification sent to your smart phone if it’s accidentally been left open. 

Smart Garage Doors

Garage Design Consultation
Outdoor Dinner

It's always time to pay attention to your outdoor space. No matter if it is illuminating pathways for safety or security!

Outdoor lighting, set off by your sensors or cameras, keeps you and your family safe. Deal's Electronics makes sure intruders have nowhere to hide.

Outdoor Lighting 

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