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Instructions to

Test Your System

Step 1 - Call Security Central at 1-800-286-5699 

Step 2 - Tell operator your name and account number. If you do not have account number, give them your telephone number and or address.

Step 3 -  Tell operator your pass code.  If you do not remember pass code.  Stop here and give Deal's Electronics a call 828-327-4588.  Security Central will not give out pass codes!

Step 4 - Tell operator to put your system on test for 1 hour.  

Step 5 - Go to your keypad and Arm your security system.  Let all exit time run out.  Open a door, window or motion detector and let the alarm sirens go off for at least 15 seconds.

Step 6 - Enter code to disarm system.  Some panels require you to enter code one more time to reset.  The panel will tell you.  

Step 7 - Call Security Central back at 1-800-286-5699 and give account number and pass code again.  Then ask for test results. 

Step 8 - Make sure they received a signal.  If they did not get a signal or a fail to communicate message comes on keypad.  Call Deal's Electronics for service at 828-327-4588.  

Step 9 - Your system will automatically go back online within the hour or tell operator you are done testing and they will put the system back online for you.


Easy and Simple Testing

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