Glass Buildings

Instructions to

Test Your System

Apartment Building

Step 1 - Call Security Central at 1-800-286-5699 

Step 2 - Tell operator your name and account number.. If you do not have account number, Give them your telephone number and or address.

Step 3 -  Tell operator your pass code.  If you do not remember pass code.  Stop here and give Deal's Electronics a call 828-327-4588.  Security Central will not give out pass codes!

Step 4 - Tell operator to put your system on test for 1 hour.  

Step 5 - Go to your keypad and Arm your security system.  Let all exit time run out.  Open a door, window or motion detector and let the alarm sirens go off for at least 15 seconds.

Step 6 - Enter code to disarm system.  Some panels require you to enter code one more time to reset.  The panel will tell you.  

Step 7 - Call Security Central back at 1-800-286-5699 and give account number and pass code again.  Then ask for test results. 

Step 8 - Make sure they received a signal.  If they did not get a signal or a fail to communicate message comes on keypad.  Call Deal's Electronics for service at 828-327-4588.  

Step 9 - Your system will automatically go back online within the hour or tell operator you are done testing and they will put the system back online for you.